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What is thetravelhubonline.com opportunity?

Thetravelhubonline is an affiliate business that provides you with great income opportunity for wealth creation. We offer unique and customized tours and safaris and we give you opportunities to market them and increase your revenue. We have a powerful affiliate marketing plan that allows you to make a great income as you refer others to our program. This business opportunity provides you with the special opportunities to help others. This is because your financial success in this business helps us to support your chosen charities, students, business women, etc. as specified in our compensation plan. We also offer free resources for personal empowerment and to help you to grow your thetravelhubonline.com business. With a joining fees starting as low as $25, the available choices of membership levels and the fabulous income opportunity you will find this opportunity to be inexpensive.

How can I be part of this opportunity?
You must have a referrer to be part of this business opportunity. However, you may purchase a membership pack from our Shop. The membership pack comes with an Epin that will activate your membership as you use it to register online. In that case, our system will automatically allocate your registration to an upline member. If you have difficulty in registering feel free to contact us at: [email protected]
Why did thetravelhubonline.com choose the compensation plan it has?

The naked truth today is that many affiliate marketing plans out there do not adequately compensate their affiliates or members. We therefore made a decision to have a compensation plan that actually recognizes the diligence of our affiliates – a compensation plan that actually leads to wealth creation. Our plan is loaded with unique incentives that are yet to be matched in this business.

Why are there membership ranks within thetravelhubonline.com?

We know that all fingers are not of the same length. Thetravelhubonline.com provides every person an equal opportunity to participate in the program according to what they can afford. The whole idea is to transform lives so we did not want to impose any amount of joining fees on our members. Every member chooses the rank at which to join for a one time only joining fee. Our members may actively bring people into the business at any time they choose.

What is the maximimum earning possible with thetravelhubonline.com?
Thetravelhubonline.com business opportunity is based on a binary system with spillover effect. It is a highly lucrative fast earning binary pay plan.  As long as you are ready to learn and master online affiliate network marketing you could earn a very substantial income. However, please note that success in online affiliate network marketing does not come overnight. Consistency and team building are essential keys to success in this business.
How can I see how many members are in my team?
All members of thetravelhubonline.com have a back office system. From your back office, you can see among other things, your GENEALOGY for all members in your network. You can also see how much you have made and from which income stream.
How can I withdraw my earnings?
As you log in to our Members Area you are able to see all the details concerning your business. From there also, you may initiate a withdrawal of your earnings.
What is the minimum commission payout amount with thetravelhubonline.com?

No! We do not have any minimum or maximum payout qualification amount for commissions with our programs. You are free to initiate withdrawal of your earnings anytime, no matter the amount of your commission earnings. We do our best to ensure that all commissions are paid out within 24 hours of the request.

How frequent does thetravelhubonline.com pay commissions?
DAILY! Our systems at thetravelhubonline.com allocate commissions to a member’s back office several times daily. This means that members are able to request for payment as soon as commissions are earned.
Are there any other payments to be made in thetravelhubonline.com program?

No! Your joining fee  is just ONCE and you are a member for life. We have no extra membership or renewal fees ever. Once you have joined thetravelhubonline.com  you are a LIFETIME MEMBER and you simply need to concentrate on your business and earn commissions again and again and again……

What if I want a refund of my joining fee?
Sorry, thetravelhubonline.com offers a ZERO REFUNDS POLICY on all membership fees. This is so because new member positions are allocated instantaneously and commissions on all joining fees are paid as soon as the joining fee payment is received. Secondly, all members of thetravelhubonline.com receive access to our resources. Therefore, since our systems are fully automated and irrevocable, no refunds shall be made. REPEAT: Thetravelhubonline.com offers no refunds of joining fees. So please do not join thetravelhubonline.com if this zero refunds policy is not agreeable to you or if the payment of our joining fee will place you under any form of financial distress or is beyond your fiscal means at this time. If you are in any way unsure about paying the one-time joining fee please walk away at this time. The founders of thetravelhubonline.com are aiming for this program to be here for the long haul, so you may always come back and join this affiliate network marketing opportunity at a later date once your financial situation has already improved.
What is thetravelhubonline.com credit card charge-backs policy?

Thetravelhubonline.com has a ZERO CHARGE-BACKS POLICY on all credit card transactions. So if you decide to join thetravelhubonline.com using a credit card, please understand that this is a final and irrevocable transaction. This means that even if you choose to dispute your total one-time payment with your credit card company, your dispute will fail. This is because during the joining process, you will be required to waive your charge-back rights by way of agreeing to the Terms and Conditions policy of thetravelhubonline.com.

Can I change my referrer to thetravelhubonline.com?

NEVER! Your referrer in thetravelhubonline.com program is permanent and can never be changed. So chose your referrer carefully. This is usually the person who introduced you to the thetravelhubonline.com opportunity but not always. Try to have a healthy relationship  with your chosen referrer because the objective is building a successful team. The saying goes that two heads are better than one! Together with your referrer you can build a stronger thetravelhubonline.com business for both of you than you can with each of you working independent of one another.

Can I change the username I used in joining thetravelhubonline.com?

NO! Usernames in this business opportunity are FOREVER! This is for many reasons within the operating system mechanics. It is also because once you have joined thetravelhubonline.com you are given a personal URL with which to promote your thetravelhubonline.com business. Your username is used in your personal URL which links to your personal replicated thetravelhubonline.com website. Your personal thetravelhubonline.com URL is permanent and cannot be changed. So choose your username wisely at the time of your registration.

How do I know the url of my replicated website in thetravelhubonline.com?
It is posted within your back office. So, log in to the Members’ Area of our website and click on “Network Details” and you will find your replicated website url.
What tools are available to help me build thetravelhubonline.com business?
We have some tools available to you. The first one is your own thetravelhubonline.com replicated website with your unique personal thetravelhubonline.com URL and your username clearly visible on every page of your website.
Does thetravelhubonline.com have a spam policy?
Yes, thetravelhubonline.com has a  strict ‘no spam’ policy which is vigorously enforced. Any of our member found to be using spam will have their membership revoked and will lose all income entitlements. This is also applicable to any member who promotes another business opportunity other than thetravelhubonline.com to our existing members outside of their own personal referrals.
Does thetravelhubonline.com have any other corporate policies?

Yes, thetravelhubonline.com has other policies such as:  Policies & Procedures, Terms & Conditions, Trips & Tours Booking policy, Affiliate Disclaimer, Earnings Disclaimer, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Spam Policy. Live links to all eight policies are at the top of the thetravelhubonline.com website within the menu heading: TERMS.

How do I know if a member under my thetravelhubonline.com is my personal signup?
In your thetravelhubonline.com back office, in the Network Menu you need to click on the Personal Group to see your personally referred members. As you click on the Genealogy link you will see all your network members including those from spillover. As you click on the My Payout link you will see your earnings.
Can I change my sponsor into the thtreavelhubonline.com if I want to?

In thetravelhubonline.com business your sponsor is the person who introduced you to thetravelhubonline.com business and the one within whose network you joined. Your sponsor is for life. Your sponsor will always be your sponsor for the life of your thetravelhubonline.com membership. In the same manner, you will always remain the Sponsor of the members who you introduce.

What if my prospect mistakenly joins thetravelhubonline.com from another member's website?

You must verify your URL link before sending it to your prospects. This is because our system is fully automated so once a person joins thetravelhubonline.com, they are locked in to that position and cannot be moved. Ask your prospects to look for your name on the thetravelhubonline.com website they may be viewing to be ensure that your name is shown.

Does thetravelhubonline.com pay plan have spillover?

Yes! Spillover is a part of the Binary pay plan of thetravelhubonline.com. However, we believe in teaching the right fundamentals of building a solid online affiliate network marketing business. Today, there is a wealth of affiliate network marketing training resources available for free on the internet. However, you don’t have to rely on spillover to govern your wealth building strategy in this business.

Can I join multiple time is my own thetravelhubonline.com network?

No! No! No! Infact, we consider such action to be highly unethical, possibly illegal, and immoral. Instead, we recommend that you recruit close others into your network. Also if you really want to boost your online income and earn our bonuses and incentives faster you may join at a higher membership level and target to recruit others into higher levels as well.

Do I need to advertise to recruit new members into my thetravelhubonline.com business?

The decision is entirely yours but it is not mandatory. You have unlimited ways and methods of growing your thetravelhubonline.com business. We encourage you to endeavor to invite as many people as possible to view your thetravelhubonline.com website. We believe that you will like to see a substantial portion of your future income come from your website. Therefore, the more you personally promote your thetravelhubonline.com website, the more residual income you will ultimately receive from it.

What is the target market for thetravelhubonline.com business?

Basically, any person who wants to earn extra income from home is a target prospect for thetravelhubonline.com. Whether their earnings target is six hundred dollars per month or one million dollars per year, anyone who wants to make extra income online is a target prospect for thetravelhubonline.com. We have developed our products and compensation plan with this understanding and to help people realize this objective. Our lucrative business model can help members create tremendous income quickly.

How can I be sure of making money with thetravelhubonline.com?

The truth is that we cannot promise and we do not guarantee that any one will be successful in any business. Individual results have and will always vary depending on your level of PERSONAL EFFORT and COMMITMENT to succeed. However, we have made every effort to design our products and compensation plan to reward your efforts.

Is thetravelhubonline.com a get rich quick scheme?

No! Thetravelhubonline.com is not a get rich quick scheme though it is a legitimate “earn money fast” business. You only need four direct referred members at the same rank with you to recover your joining fee and thereafter you may replicate the process over and over and over again.

Thetravelhubonline.com  is a serious income generating, wealth creation business and therefore not for the half-hearted if large revenues are to be generated.  Honestly, affiliate network marketing demands serious commitment to earn the big bucks.

To succeed at affiliate network marketing a person must appreciate it is a learning curve to a large income, depending on their existing level of expertise. However, the long-term rewards for succeeding are way beyond what the vast majority of people are able to earn in any other occupation. So the effort-to-reward ratio is well in favor of those who take the same attitude to thetravelhubonline.com as anyone who desires to operate their business at a high level.
Why do a lot of people fail in network marketing?

Franky, only a small percentage of people are trained in the art of selling. So the main reason for people failing in traditional network marketing is the large quantity of products and services they are required to sell to succeed within any particular company’s compensation plan. Conversely, with thetravelhubonline.com, the simple yet highly innovative pay plan, built around members bringing in just TWO people, is designed to avoid this number one pitfall.

Isn't network marketing a pyramid scheme?
Answer (From Robert Kiyosaki): “I am often asked if network marketing is a pyramid scheme. My reply is that corporations are really pyramid schemes. A corporation only has one person at the top, generally the CEO, and everyone else below.
A true network marketing business is the exact opposite of a traditional business model. A network marketing business is designed to bring you up to the top, not keep you down at the bottom. A true network marketing business does not succeed unless it brings people to the top.”
Why We Want You To Be Rich
Donald Trump – Robert Kiyosaki
Page 307
Will taxes be deducted from my thetravelhubonline.com earnings?

The thetravelhubonline.com program is an online network marketing home business; it is not a job offer. Therefore no taxes are taken out of your gross earnings. Individual members are responsible for any and all taxes payable in their particular resident domicile or jurisdiction for any income received from thetravelhubonline.com or any other programs promoted via thetravelhubonline.com. It the responsibility of each individual member, within their own country or state, to report any and all earnings to the proper authorities.

What is my relationship with thetravelhubonline.com?

Thetravelhubonline.com and its members are independent entities. There is no joint venture, agency, partnership or employment agreement existing between any member and thetravelhubonline.com. Both parties are considered independent entities, which are separate and distinct from each other at all times.

How can I be sure to receive emails from thetravelhubonline.com?

When joining thetravelhubonline.com you will be asked to input your email address as part of the registration process. YOU must ensure that your email address is entered correctly. If ever you want to change your email address you may do this easily within your Members Area back office. Many emails these days land in junk mail folders, so you should add our [email protected]hetravelhubonline and [email protected] to your email address book or white list them as this will ensure you receive important notices from us as well as receiving our newsletters.

Who should I contact if I need more information?
Thetravelhubonline.com is a people-helping-people business. As such, after first studying this thetravelhubonline.com website fully, you should contact your referrer or sponsor to ask for a further explanation of our home business opportunity. If you are unable to contact your referrer or sponsor or you require assistance please send an email to: [email protected]
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